Cultivating better business leaders so that your teams connect, care and contribute more


Enabling leaders to inspire, empowering teams to deliver

Cultivating better business leaders so that your teams connect, care and contribute more


Enabling leaders to inspire, empowering teams to deliver

We help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

The heart of our philosophy is our commitment and passion to help you and your teams connect to your VISION and identify hidden barriers to growth.

Transforming your business for the future

For your business to thrive and sustain growth into the future, it must remain agile.

By immersing ourselves in your challenges, we will help unfold what is getting in the way of your future success. We help you and your teams to build the skills, behaviours, and resilience essential for a tangible impact on business growth. Through tried-and-tested methods, we help you unlock the potential of your people to deliver measurable real-world results.

We explore what is holding your business back using our time-trusted methods and assessment tools. We spend time getting to know your business, your leadership and culture, current challenges, pain points and business opportunities.

There is no ‘one design fits all’ solution – it’s an adaptive process, of which we apply our bespoke methodology to, enabling us to help you build a confident, motivated, thriving team equipped to drive your business forward. They are your engine for GROWTH.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

Peter Drucker

Our Founder

Energy Alchemy founder, Mark Sharratt, is a highly experienced Facilitator and Executive Coach, specialising in leadership development, staff engagement, productivity and business performance.

Mark has extensive experience in the science of business performance, gleaned from his own managerial journey in technology, and deepened by his successful partnership with the Dale Carnegie organisation.

Our Bespoke Transformation Solutions

We can help you to develop existing talent and improve business performance, while building engagement, effectiveness and resilience among your teams. The below provides an outline of some of the methods we use to build your bespoke solution.

Strategy & Vision Planning

Our deep dive into your business is imperative for piecing together a bespoke solution. We work directly with founders, CEO’s and senior leadership teams to understand your business priorities and what success looks like to you.

Staff Engagement Insights

WeThrive, our partner platform which provides industry leading employee engagement surveys, guarantees double-digit improvement in employee engagement, retention and wellbeing and is currently trusted to empower more than 30,000 people.

1-2-1 Executive Coaching

Our coaching is suited to individuals looking to improve leadership capabilities, effect behavioural change, improve personal and business performance, and create a clear vision and business strategy.

Leadership Development Programmes

At the heart of creating a proactive and empowered culture within your business lie the fundamental core behaviours our group leadership development programmes help your teams to embed.

We work flexibly to suit you, so geographical location isn’t an issue. We can come to you, provide remote workshops at an agreed location, or deliver our programmes online. WeThrive’s online engagement platform can be utilised in conjunction with another service, or you can choose to use it independently.

On Location



Clients We’ve Worked With

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We recognise there are different ways to bring positive energy to the learning environment. So, we listen to you to ensure we deliver a solution that suits your business needs and leverages a strong return on investment. Let us work closely with you to build a bespoke solution that guarantees results.

What Our Clients Say

Since completing the leadership programme I’ve noticed the team now understand how to engage with individuals to get the best from them, they are taking more time to carefully plan their engagement and gauge the effect following their interactions. It’s quite fascinating to witness! It’s given them the freedom to solve problems and confidence to initiate change, having a significant impact on productivity whilst taking a positive step towards are next phase of business growth.

Colin Gibson - SMC (ETC) Pneumatics Ltd UK

Mentoring with Energy Alchemy has provided me with a safe haven to be able to step away, reflect and discuss my pain points, with someone who has no pre-existing opinions or thoughts on the business. This has helped me question my actions and decisions in exactly the right way.

Elly Greaney -Transition Partners

The webinar really shone a light on how to create a more empowering and agile culture and how this will directly drive positive business results. It was extremely thought provoking and provided insights into how we can recognise our own demotivating behaviours.

Donald Forsyth - IoD Scotland

Since working with the team at Energy Alchemy, the business is really delivering great results, even throughout the middle of the pandemic.

Nigel Ashfield - Time Investments

The initial 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with Mark had such a profound effect on me, that I saw the benefit of opening up the learnings and opportunity to all of my leadership teams. Who would have believed when I started this journey, I would be a total advocate of emotional intelligence and what it can bring to a great bunch of people who work within MA Group

Paul Hayman - MA Group

If I am lucky enough to one day be a manager, I aspire to be the manager you are, your guidance and advice has helped me achieve much more than I could have imagined” Mark this is proof that your courses do work! Lauren left the company last month and this is what she wrote in her thank you card. It makes everything worthwhile and so rewarding when you get feedback like that

Peter Nobel - SMC Pneumatics Ltd UK

The Energy Alchemy Coaching approach allows me to step back and evaluate things from a different perspective. It’s helped me by focusing on key pain points and potential solutions (using criticality and urgency to determine priority). I’d highly recommend their 1-2-1 executive coaching.

Tom Kent - Logikal