WeThrive – Our Online Employee Engagement Platform

What is it and why do you need it?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain a culture of staff engagement and retention, which is why we have partnered with WeThrive to offer a software solution which transforms your people strategy with a joined-up approach to engagement, mental health, wellbeing and DEEI all in one simple software.

With WeThrive’s intelligent diagnostic tools you will get straight to the heart of what is holding your people back. It makes it easier for line managers to intervene in ways that will produce real improvements, especially for those managers whose leadership skills don’t come naturally.

Who’s it for?

WeThrive’s employee engagement platform is suitable for all businesses, from start-ups to large corporates, because it can be used by and benefits everyone in the business from employees to leadership and CEOs. We’ve found it to be an especially brilliant tool for managers and is a must-have in growing businesses with 50+ employees.

“I would definitely recommend WeThrive to anyone looking for an employee engagement tool with a difference.”

Rebekah Tapping, HR Director at Personal Group.

How does it work?

WeThrive’s easy-to-use digital platform enables you to survey staff on specific areas that directly impact performance at work:

  • Behavioural change in your organisation
  • More efficient leadership teams
  • Clear vision & strategies for the business
  • An understanding of your personal & business strengths

Instant insights from completed staff engagement surveys tell you exactly what to do with over 1000 recommendations and goals:

  • It generates clear action plans for individuals, supported by curated learning content.
  • Everyone has their own dashboard which is easy to read and use.
  • The survey is deployed by email and takes 510 mins to complete with 16 top-level questions.
  • All participants have a completely unique survey experience, as the survey changes dynamically to gather further insight into low-scoring areas to uncover deeper subconscious factors.
  • The algorithm analyses results and generates clear, concise goals and actions for top-priority areas.

WeThrive works at all levels of the organisation, offering personal plans to employees and coaching resources to managers. It empowers managers to be much more accountable for their team’s performance because they have the tools to identify and resolve underlying issues, and offer targeted support to employees.

Try WeThrive for FREE

Inclusive with our offering, you get to trial WeThrive for FREE, so you don’t have to take our word for it that it’s a game changer – you’ll experience it for yourself. Many of the organisations we work with choose to continue using WeThrive’s tools.

We think that demonstrates just how effective the platform is. We can honestly say, WeThrive is by far the best staff engagement tool we’ve ever worked with, and we’ve been around the block!

The science behind WeThrive

The WeThrive staff engagement platform fits perfectly with our ethos because it is grounded in human psychology. WeThrive’s 4C psychological models were developed by WeThrive Co-Founder Piers Bishop, a psychotherapist specialising in Human Needs psychology. The tools are built around ‘4Cs’ which represent key areas of working life.

The 4C models diagnose the likely causes of upset and underperformance and provide you with insightful recommendations to help employees overcome individual challenges and become integral members of high-performing teams.

Critically, WeThrive surveys ask the right questions. We absolutely love that the algorithms have been developed from a deep understanding of human psychology! And we know from the results how effective this can be.

How will WeThrive help?

Real and lasting success in business can’t be achieved unless everyone in the organisation is given the opportunity to thrive. WeThrive’s platform enables you to survey staff, drill into individual results, and access learning resources to help plan one-to-ones.

The highly intuitive survey and engagement tools make it easy to identify what is hindering your employees and what your people need to work at their best. Insightful recommendations then guide you to deliver real improvements.

WeThrive empowers your people to improve their own engagement and wellbeing with personalised goals, actions and learning content. Highly intuitive tools enable your managers to create happy, engaged and high-performing teams with regular feedback, targeted team coaching, wellbeing actions and optional eLearning.

With WeThrive you can quickly uncover how people really feel about working in your organisation and what needs to change.

Working together for better outcomes

The benefit of using WeThrive alongside Energy Alchemy is that we are on hand to offer support with onboarding and live surveys, and to help with analysing the data that comes back after each staff engagement survey has closed. We are well positioned to offer advice on follow-up procedures, and we also offer additional management services to support you through any leadership challenges.